Pollinator Garden

Pre-planned Garden
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13 Varieties / 15 Plants, 5'x12' layout
This outstanding collection of flowers provides nectar sources to support beneficial pollinators in your garden–bees, hummingbirds, butterflies and more. Who can resist the acrobatic antics of hummingbirds with their iridescent shimmering hues and colorful butterflies as they gracefully flutter from one flower to the next? Watch the exuberant energy of plump, fuzzy bees as they dive head first into each blossom then emerge covered in bright yellow pollen.

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Plant Type Perennials, Garden Designs
Height Short/Tall
Bloom Time Late Spring to Early Fall
Sun / Shade Full Sun to Mostly Sunny
Soil Type Normal
Water Needs Medium
Sold In Plantable Pots

General Information

Pollination occurs when pollen is moved within flowers or carried from flower to flower by birds, small animals and also insects like butterflies, bees, beetles, ants, wasps, and moths. The transfer of pollen in and between flowers of the same species leads to fertilization and successful seed and fruit production for plants. Idaho has restricted all potted plant material from being shipped into Idaho at this time.

Plant Care

The perennials (with the exception of the Perovskia) can be cut down in the fall to 6" or so, leaving any fresh foliage at the base of the plant if present. Spring clean-up is also acceptable, removing any dead material while being careful of new growth. The Perovskia can be trimmed in spring if needed/wanted.