Planting Instructions

  1. Water the plants well the night before planting. Cut off the plastic wrap (if any) at the top of the pot. The wrap and all our packaging can be recycled.
  1. If the top of the pot is unraveling, you may wish to trim it back to the soil line. It won’t hurt anything but can look unsightly until your plant grows over it. We also don’t want it to possibly act like a “wick” and draw any moisture away from the plant. You can also tuck the frayed edge under the soil when planting, or cover it if mulching.
  1. You may find it helpful to first set out your plants where you think you’ll be planting them. Step back, take a look, and reposition as necessary. When your arrangement looks pleasing, begin to dig holes (our version of the “measure twice—cut once” school of planting).
  1. Plant your plant—pot and all. The roots will quickly grow right through the 100% biodegradable pot and into the surrounding soil.
  1. Place each plant a little below the soil line. Leaving a ring of ridged soil will help you water in thoroughly. Water deeply to settle the plant and remove any air pockets around the roots. If in doubt—dig a pilot hole near the plant and see if the water soaked deeper than the pot. If not, water again.
  1. Water when you see any wilting and the soil is dry to your touch. Plants can wilt on sudden hot days after wet spells because they grew more foliage than their roots can support. When allowed to dry out, they’ll realize this and will push root growth to get back in “balance”. Constant shallow watering will make your plant dependent on you. Infrequent deep watering will promote a self sufficient garden, and healthier plants!