Are Tulips easy to plant?

Yes! Choose a sunny, well-drained site. Plant in fall with pointy tip facing up at least 6" deep and 6" apart. If planting a grouping, you can dig one wide hole and plant several at once (spaced appropriately).

What configuration should I use to plant my Tulip bulbs?

It's usually best to plant your Tulip bulbs in informal clusters rather than straight 'soldier' lines. The groupings will make a nicer visual impact. Even if using as edging, two or three grouped together will make a nice full appearance.

Should I fertilize Tulips and when?

To produce more top-notch flowers, fertilize at planting time and then again in spring. Gardeners can enrich the soil by adding a couple of inches of organic compost as well as a slow-release bulb fertilizer. After planting in fall, you can top-dress the bed with a balanced 10-10-10 or 10-15-10 slow-release fertilizer. Disperse the fertilizer by lightly cultivating or water it in well.

When should I remove dying foliage on Tulips?

Foliage on Tulips remains green about six weeks after the flowers fade. Leave the foliage so it can continue to absorb sunlight and nutrients for the bulb—removing early may result in the bulb not being strong enough to bloom the following year. Foliage can be removed after the leaves have turned yellow.