Where do Hellebores grow best?

Hellebores and their fabulous flowers and foliage are happy in any mostly sunny to full shade location with fertile well-drained soil. They thrive in a wooded garden with other shade-loving perennials.

Why are Hellebores called Lenten Roses?

Lenten Roses got their name as they begin their show in late winter with extended flowering into spring, and thus surround the season of Lent. Flowers resemble a Rosa rugosa bloom.

Are Hellebores evergreen?

Yes! The attractive, destinctive foliage of Helleborus is evergreen and early season flowers herald the coming of spring.

Do Hellebores multiply?

Yes, Hellebores will self-sow politely. Spent flower heads can be cut back to prevent unwanted volunteer seedlings (but can you really have too many Hellebores?) and also promote new foliage growth. Plantlets will form around the base of the parent plant and will bloom around the third year if left alone.