What are the different kinds of Phlox?

Creeping Phlox (P. subulata) forms a beautiful mat of color seen sprawling with flowers in pink, blue and white hues in late spring gardens. Garden Phlox (P. paniculata) are taller, and form many large flowers clusters called trusses, often fragrant. Woodland Phlox(P. divaracata and stolonifera) are ankle-high shade lovers, providing much needed color in the dappled and shady bed.

Are Phlox fragrant?

Garden Phlox are long-standing garden favorites for vibrant color and sweet, clove-like fragrance.

Are Garden Phlox good for bouquets?

Absolutely! Garden Phlox with their large conical flowers, stiff stems and heady fragrance are lovely arranged in your favorite vase. They are a beautiful complement to a mixed bouquet of other cutflower favorites.

Can I divide Phlox?

Phlox can be divided every 3-5 years in spring or fall. In spring, just as new growth appears, dig up the plant and divide clump with a sharp knife or spade into at least 2 or 3 shoots and a portion of the root system. Plants divided in fall should be mulched with a 4-6" layer of straw or pine needles to prevent heaving. Remove mulch in early spring.