What is a shrub?

A shrub, or a bush, is a small-to-medium-sized woody plant with stems that persistent above the ground, even in winter. Shrubs can be either deciduous (their leaves drop off in winter) or evergreen (their leaves remain in winter). There are many colors and shapes for shrubs and many bloom beautifully, some producing attractive berries that support wildlife.

How are shrubs useful in my garden?

Think of shrubs as building blocks or points of interest—usually providing height and substance to a border, or often used to mask a foundation or soften a corner. They can be used to mark a boundary or provide privacy when used as a hedge. Most of our shrub offerings flower, providing beauty as well as function.

Are shrubs easy to grow?

Yes! Many require no maintenance at all beyond an occasional shaping or once a year pruning. Choose a spot that suits the shrub's needs and mature size, and help it get established by keeping it watered during the first season of growth. Although a larger shrub will generally take longer than a perennial to reach mature size—usually a couple of years—you'll be rewarded with many years of beauty in your garden.

How do shrubs support wildlife and polllinators?

Shrubs can provide shelter and berries for birds, and flowers provide pollen for bees and nectar for hummingbirds. Taller shrubs can provide a wind block which is greatly appreciated by butterflies when they visit!