What is an ornamental grass?

Grasses are an essential design element in any landscape. Structurally, an ornamental grass is a type of plant with long narrow leaves (blades) which come in many sizes and color variations. Although they do not 'flower' in the typical sense, most make plumes that are very attractive.. Some form clumps, some are large and cascading and others are petite—but all add amazing texture to your garden.

How are grasses useful in my garden?

Grasses are great as edgers, hedges, mass plantings, or even hide-the-gas-meter plantings! They provide a different texture to the display than perennials with large leaves. Grasses can be incorporated into garden beds and islands for their stature, and taller varieties will move with the breeze to nice effect.

Do ornamental grasses spread?

The varieties we carry are not aggressive spreaders (known as garden thugs!). You'll find the habit noted for each variety (ex. clump forming or spreading) but know that varieties that do spread can be contained if spreading isn't desired.

Are ornamental grasses easy to grow?

Yes! Site them to meet their sun requirements, help them get established in their first season and give taller varieties a season or two to reach their full potential. Over time, some seasonal clean-up may be needed, but those recommendations are noted on each ornamental grass variety in our plant care section.