What's a pre-planned garden?

Our pre-planned gardens are fully designed gardens in a box! You'll get easy to follow garden layouts, care instructions, and all the plants needed to create a stunning display. Our pre-planned gardens are designed to bloom throughout the entire season with a variety of pleasing colors—with easy to grow, low maintenance varieties.

What's included in the pre-planned gardens?

You will receive the plants, garden layout and care instructions. Want an early peek? Check out our pre-planned garden guide. The layouts are provided on each garden page as well.

How do I plant my Pre-planned Garden?

If you're a beginner gardener and using a pre-planned garden to get started, this tip sheet will be useful. If you're adding yet another bed (lawn is overrated!) use the guides and layouts that will be included with your shipment.

Are your pre-planned gardens easy to grow?

Our pre-planned gardens are not only easy to grow, but they're a real time saver in the 'planning and choosing' department. All plants are chosen for their compatible color and bloom time, and are reliable performers—guaranteed! Our plants are an easily manageable size for planting and our plantable pots go right in the ground with the plants, meaning no leftover pots to deal with.