What is a perennial?

A perennial plant comes back year after year if planted in conditions to its liking. In areas with cold winters, perennials will typically die down to the ground and new growth will reappear as temperatures warm up. In warmer zones, the foliage will often remain year round and blooming will happen in cycles of blooming with perhaps a bit of resting. Selecting perennials that will work well in your garden, at its simplest, involves knowing your growing zone and getting a feel for the amount of sun the area will receive.

How are perennials useful in my garden?

Planting perennials in your garden can reduce the amount of work you have to do year after year—and the cost!—that comes with replanting annuals every season. Although most perennials do not bloom all season, they provide an ever-evolving display in your garden when you plant flowering perennials for each season. The progressive changes in your garden encourage a visit to see 'what today has brought' and get some of the additional gardening benefits of fresh air, relaxation, and experiencing nature.

Are perennials easy to grow?

Perennials are easy to grow! You can plant them in the spring or the fall (only the hottest part of the year should be avoided) and we'll ship your order based on the best planting time for your area. Paying attention to having good soil up front is helpful, and most perennials will need some watering and upkeep after they're planted. Once established, they're typically pretty self-sufficient with existing rainfall and some spring/fall cleanup.

Do perennials support wildlife?

Yes! We provide easy ways on our site to find plants for a particular interest such as pollinators, butterflies or hummingbirds. Perennials are great for supporting bee populations, providing cover and nesting material for birds, and as food souces for birds and larval butterflies—even beneficial insects and soil inhabitants (yep, worms are a good sign that your garden has healthy soil). And if you DON'T want to feed the wildlife (deer come to mind) we can help there too!