Virtual Nursery Tour

At Bluestone, along Lake Erie in Northeast Ohio, we maintain over 277,000 square feet of greenhouses filled with over 1.5 million plants. Although we don’t currently have display gardens, we do have thousands of visitors come and browse our retail outlet each year. It’s a great way to see hundreds of varieties all alphabetized on tables. Check out that and more in our virtual nursery tour below.


Greenhouses & Field Stock

We have over 6.3 acres of greenhouses supported by field stock we propagate from. We offer more than 1,400 varieties of perennials, shrubs, grasses, and bulbs, and have a robust trial program to make sure every variety we carry is throughly vetted.


Plantable Pots

Our biodegradable pots are earth friendly and sustainable. Made of coconut fiber, the pots provide superior breathability for root growth and reduce transplant shock.


Retail Outlet

Our order picking area doubles as a retail outlet. If you get the chance to visit, you can see over 1,400 varieties all alphabetized and available to take home.


Order Prep

After orders are picked, we make sure plants are in tip-top shape for transit in our new 20,000 sq. ft. shipping setup.



Our packaging is not only economical, but 100% recyclable too. Our custom designed cardboard holder protects our plants during transit and offers hassle-free unpacking.


On-Site Customer Service

Customers can reach our team of garden experts by phone, standard mail, or online. We look forward to beautifying your world for many years to come.