What is a groundcover?

We define a groundcover as a low-growing, spreading plant used as a 'blanket of green' under trees, in large areas where lawn grass is not wanted, or on banks. Many perennials can be planted in large numbers to mimic a groundcover.

How are groundcovers useful?

Groundcovers are a good solution for several situations. Groundcovers are very economical for large plantings, adding texture and color to your garden with minimal maintenance. They're also useful for weed suppression when planted around 'the feet' of larger plants, shrubs or trees.

What groundcovers are best for shade?

Here are the varieties we carry. Want something a little out of the ordinary? Take a look at Asarum, Asperula /Galium, and Tiarella.

How many plants will I need?

Using our recommended plant spacing will have the area filled in by the end of the first year if the plant is correctly sited and cared for as it gets established. In theory, if you wait long enough, one groundcover plant will keep expanding to eventually get the job done, but few (if any!) of us want to wait that long. A general guide is to take the desired square footage (length x width) and then divide by 2.5. This will yield a plant count based on 18" spacing. If overwhelmed, keep in mind that large areas can be planted in phases and omce established, plants can be divided next year to plant in new sections.