When should I plant Daffodils?

Plant Daffodil bulbs in late fall when your soil is starting to cool down.The cooler your zone, the earlier you can plant them. For most areas, from September to December works well. Optimally, have your bulbs in the ground no later than 2 to 4 weeks before the soil freezes.

How should I arrange my Daffodil bulbs?

Daffodils look best when planted in informal clusters rather than straight rows—triangular, oval or rectangular. This configuration gives a more natural look. If used as an edger, plant in clumps of two or three for visual impact. There are few things as impressive as a sweep of daffodils in the springtime!

Are Daffodils deer resistant?

Daffodils are top-notch for deer resistance. They contain an alkaloid called lycorine that is distasteful and poisonous to deer, rabbits and other mammals.

Will Daffodils return year after year?

Daffodils will very reliably return year after year. For insured longevity, be sure to plant them in a spot that doesn't stay wet in the winter so they don't rot. A clump of daffodils can last for decades—sometimes seen in a field where a house used to be.