Are there different types of Iris?

Yes, several. We carry two broad classifications of Iris—rhizome irises and bulbous irises. Rhizomes are horizontal rootlike structures where bulbous varieties form a more typical looking bulb planted in the fall. Our varieties include Siberian, Crested Iris, Dutch Iris and Japanese Iris.

Where do Irises grow best?

Irises bloom best in sun with at least 6-8 hours of sun per day and thrive in well-drained soil.

What do I do with Iris after they bloom?

Once the Iris flowers have faded, cut the stem below foilage to remove the unattractive stalks.This also prevents the plant from using energy to create seeds. As long as the foliage is green and attractive leave it alone to abosorb sunshine to feed the rhizome for next season's flowering.

Can Iris be divided?

Yes! Overcrowding can cause bloom production to slow after several years. Divide after flowering / late in the season when irises become dormant.