At Bluestone, we care deeply about our customers and growing the highest quality perennials. We love nothing more than hearing from happy gardeners!
Praise for Bluestone
“The most beautiful, healthy plants I have ever received in the mail from anyone.”
–J.R. via email
“Received my order yesterday in absolutely wonderful condition. What a joy the new pots are to plant, so easy. Good job, well done!! I will be ordering this winter for spring 2012 so can’t wait for the new catalog to get me thru the long cold winter!”
–M.K. via email
“I had to write you and thank you for a wonderful experience. From great customer service and outstanding plants received, there has not been a hitch to your nursery. In this day and age, when customer service is often forgotten, and plants are shipped that ‘maybe’ arrive alive, but certainly not thriving, your nursery stands out as a true example to the rest.”
–R.G. via email
“Bluestone Perennials is by far the best mail-order nursery I have ever worked with. The plants are just GORGEOUS when they arrive and they grow into huge specimens the first year. I’ve never seen anything like it.”
–K.S., Grand Rapids, MI
“I’ve bought plants from you for years and on the very rare occasion there’s been a problem you’ve rectified the situation promptly. I’ve also passed your name on to friends who’ve been delighted. Recently I mentioned your name to a young English friend who’s a relatively new gardener and received the reply ‘Oh Bluestone, they’re quite the best mail-order company around.’ I just thought you might enjoy hearing that.”
–M.J., Wilton, CT
Our New Coco Pots
“Received the plants yesterday - SUPERB condition, better than any other mail-order nursery. The new coconut pots are fantastic, too. BRAVO AND THUMBS UP, THANKS!”
–E.P. via email
“The coir containers make it SO easy to transplant. I have nothing but positive things to say; will order again in a heartbeat. A++”
Posted on Dave’s Garden Watchdog
“I absolutely love this company’s commitment toward choosing materials with a better environmental impact. All packing materials are recyclable and there is no messy plastic pot to deal with. All in all, this was a GREAT experience and I would not hesitate to order from Bluestone again.”
–I.S., Chicago, IL
Our Packaging
“These must be the best packing methods in the industry. They now use biodegradable coco pots that you can plant directly into the ground (no waste), and each plant is packed separately and secured so the dirt isn’t thrown around during transportation and the plants look hydrated and without damage.”
–Posted on Dave’s Garden Watchdog
“My order arrived yesterday in good condition due I’m sure to your incredibly good packaging.”
–R.M.G., Washington, D.C.
“I’ve been a Bluestone customer for 8 years … My recent order was beautifully packaged. No plant damage due to shipping. Best of all NO PEANUTS!!! The coir pots are great -- no plastic pots to recycle.”
–B.K., South Dennis, MA
“My order from Bluestone just arrived and I can’t be any more pleased. The plants are large and thriving with not a leaf out of place. The carefully constructed packing is heads and shoulders above most mail order nurseries, with each plant held securely in a fantastic system of cardboard baffles and sleeves. I love the coir pots! These are large, healthy plants and the pots just ensure that they stay that way.”
–Melody, Benton, KY
“I think this company is way ahead of the curve on the way they grow and ship their plants. I am a VERY SATISFIED customer.”
–R.S., Albuquerque, NM
Our Catalog
“Such a beautiful catalog. It brought sunshine on a winter’s day.”
–K.R. Fayetteville, NC