About Bluestone Perennials Security

We have state-of-the-art security!

Several years ago we completely removed any payment information from our systems. When you trust us with an order you are entering your credit card information on a remote hardened server thats only job is to communicate directly with the credit card companies. This server is completely firewalled from the internet and only accepts input from our payment page. (We call it "The Vault"!) Your information is immediately exchanged for a "token" ID number that only has significance to the credit card processor. Your credit card information is never stored or saved anywhere when doing business with us.

This is the most secure and safest way known to handle transactions on the internet. Very few companies have taken these extraordinary steps to protect their customer's data. We highly value your trust and are very proud that when we say, "You can order from Bluestone with confidence" - we mean it!

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