How is a bulb different from a perennial?

When you purchase perennials from us, you'll get a rooted perennial in a plantable pot. When you purchase a bulb, you'll get a bag of plant 'nuggets' that contain everything needed to produce a plant. The bulbs are actually underground storage vessels produced by certain plants that can be harvested, cleaned up, packaged and sent to you to be planted again!

Are bulbs easy to grow?

Bulbs are honestly hard to mess up! Easily planted—just dig a hole and drop them in—bulbs produce some of the most spectacular colors of spring and summer. Think how lovely it is to see those first Daffodils in spring or the vibrant colors Dahlias in the peak of summer!

What do I do with bulbs after they bloom?

Generally speaking, remove the flower stem and let the foliage remain until it yellows and dies back. Remove the spent foliage at that time (removing earlier weakens the bulb). For this reason, bulbs are really well suited to tucking into garden beds with other plants so that as they grow and flush out they will cover the diminishing foliage of the bulbs.

When should I plant my bulbs?

Spring-blooming bulbs (like Daffodils and Tulips) are planted in the prior fall/early winter and summer-blooming bulbs (like Dahlias) are planted in the spring. Planting and bloom times are noted on each variety.