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Holiday Gallery

What would the Holidays be without the cheer and color of flowering bulbs? We are pleased to offer these top quality bulbs for the Holiday Season. Great for Gift Giving - even to yourself! If you add one to a plant order, we will ship any of these items to an alternate address, complete with a gift note to the recipient with no additional shipping charges. Happy Holidays!

Amaryllis Aphrodite Kit

Double white blossoms
$29.95 ea.

Amaryllis Apple Blossom Kit

Soft pink and white hues.
$27.95 ea.

Amaryllis Blossom Peacock Kit

White double blooms
$29.95 ea.

Amaryllis Dancing Queen Kit

Bright red stripes on double white blooms
$29.95 ea.

Amaryllis Double Dragon Kit

Velvety red double blooms
$29.95 ea.

Amaryllis Elvas Kit

White double blossoms with red central markings.
$29.95 ea.

Amaryllis Minerva Box Kit

Bright red blooms with white star at center
$27.95 ea.

Amaryllis Pink Pizzazz Kit

Pink blooms with cherry red throats
$29.95 ea.

Amaryllis Red Lion Box Kit

Rich radiant red blooms
$24.95 ea.

Amaryllis Royal Velvet Kit

Deep burgundy-red blooms
$29.95 ea.

Amaryllis Scarlet Baby Kit

Three to four scarlet red blooms per stalk!
$29.95 ea.

Amaryllis Stardust Kit

White blooms with a heavy dusting of red
$29.95 ea.

Paperwhite Ziva Kit

In white pot; 3 bulbs, compressed soil disc
$24.95 ea.