What is the best use for Veronica in the landscape?

Upright Veronica are well suited to sunny rock gardens, borders and along foundations. Their mounds of flower spikes are reliable performers, truly welcome in any garden. Shorter versions make great blooming groundcovers. Some of the best blues and purples of the perennial world are found in Veronicas, but this is not to sell the pinks and white versions short—all are classic perennial garden plants.

Where do Veronica grow best?

Veronica will bloom best in full sun locations. Some afternoon sun is okay—especially in warmer zones. They are happiest with good drainage. Avoid a spot that is soggy in winter.

Is Veronica easy to grow?

Yes! They are not fussy plants. You can choose to shear back the plants by half their height after flowering to cause a flush of new fresh foliage or simply prune down to the basal growth in late autumn. Veronica is also deer and rabbit resistant.

Why are Veronica called Speedwell?

Our research found several fun explanations for its common name. In reference to the plant's supposed medicinal properties, Speedwell will support a quick return to health (we do not recommend ingesting our plants). In Ireland, a bit of the roadside plant was pinned onto clothes to keep travelers safe from accidents—'speed you well.' (we like this idea).