Why is Monarda called Bee Balm?

The common name of Bee Balm is in reference to the former use of plant resins to soothe bee stings.

Where do Monarda grow best?

Monarda do best in full sun with at least 6 hours of sun per day. Avoid crowding and extended periods of dry. Plants will spread, so give them room!

Can Monarda be used for tea?

Another common name for Monarda is Oswego Tea. The plant leaves were used in tea to treat lung and flu ailments by the Oswego Indians of New York State. The aromatic leaves and flowers, edible raw or cooked, are still used today for teas and in salads.

Are Monarda resistant to powdery mildew?

Yes! Bluestone has chosen varieties that are known for their top-notch powdery mildew resistance. You can also reduce the chance of powdery mildew in all plants by supplying good air circulation between plants (avoid crowding), ensure the soil does not dry out for extended periods and remove foliage in fall to eliminate overwintering any stage of the fungus.