Where do Heucheras grow best?

Heucheras can be grown in a wide range of sun conditions—from mostly sunny to deep shade. Most varieties do best with some shade from the hot afternoon sun and conversely, with some sun if in the shade. Individual varieties will list any specific needs. Heuchera do best with a well-drained soil that is not too heavy.

Why are Heucheras called Coral Bells?

The original species was commonly called Coral Bells in reference to the deep pink to red bell-shaped flowers dangling on airy wands. Flowers are now available in a wide variety of pink, red, white and cream.

What is the best placement for Heuchera in the landscape?

Heuchera make wonderful edging plants meandering along a pathway or can be grouped for a stunning show. Interesting foliage colors and accents make them attractive even when not in bloom. They are often used like a colorful Hosta.

Will Heuchera spread?

Heuchera only spread politely and dependent on individual varieties and size may eventually obtain a circumference of 18-24" wide. They can be divided every three years to keep to a preferred size. For a more spreading habit, look to Heucherella (a cross between Heuchera and Tiarella).