Are Coreopsis easy to grow?

Yes. Give them some sun and water them as needed. Coreopsis require very little maintenance beyond a seasonal clean-up. Coreopsis can be cut down to 4-6" above the ground, but leave any new fall growth at the base for overwintering.

Where do Coreopsis grow best?

Coreopsis thrive in full sun—6-8 hours of sunlight per day. They best in good, well-drained, garden soil, but will soils.

Do Coreopsis support wildlife?

Yes. The flowers are a favorite of pollinating insects, and the Tickseeds are a good seed source for birds.

Why are some Coreopsis called Thread Leafed?

The irresistible foliage of Coreopsis verticillata flaunts thread-like wisps of green, providing a nicely contrasting soft texture among broader foliage plants.