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Nepeta Blue Lagoon New Item


Type: Perennials
Height: Short 4" (Plant 24" apart)
Bloom Time: Early Summer to Early Fall
Sun-Shade: Full Sun to Mostly Sunny
Zones: 6-9   Find Your Zone
Soil Condition: Normal, Sandy
Flower / Accent: Lavender / Blue
Patent: #23,855
Pot Size: 3.5" square x 4" deep

The shortest of our catmints sprawls along pathways to create a tranquil, mat of lemon-scented, fuzzy foliage covered in a sea of violet blue. Favored by hummingbirds and butterflies, this long-blooming variety will be their premier destination.

Nepeta are smothered with blossom in summer. One of the best perennials to edge or underplant a rose bed. Its long season of bloom and carefree habit make N. Blue Lagoon a good companion to Coreopsis and Hemerocallis.

Features to Note:

  • Deer Resistant
  • Hot Dry Site Tolerant
  • Rabbit Resistant
  • Attracts Hummingbirds
  • OK in Containers
  • Beneficial for Pollinators

Nepeta General Information:

Nepeta are smothered with blossoms in summer. Likes sun and tolerates dry conditions once established. One of the best plants to edge or underplant a rose bed. Cats enjoy it as much as catnip.

Nepeta Plant Care:

Prefers dryish, not especially fertile soil. Long blooming, but spent flowers can be sheared off to promote rebloom and/or improve appearance. Cut back by 2/3 in July to promote reblooming in August to end of summer. Cut back in early spring to 4-6". Can be divided every 3 - 4 years in spring. Seeds are sterile.

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Ships: Spring 2017
Plant Code: NEBL