Fothergilla x intermedia Legend of the Fall®


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Plant Code: FOLF

Best autumn foliage of any Fothergilla. Fluffy puffs of honey-scented white flowers with a hint of chartreuse appear on branching leafless stems in spring. Foliage catches up quickly as the flowers peak, then in autumn it provides a kaleidoscope of spectacular hues of orange, yellow and red. Native to SE United States. Weather conditions play into the color of the fall foliage, so each fall may bring different leaf tones – a natural mood ring! A cousin to Witch Hazel, Fothergilla Legend of the Fall® is a deciduous shrub that blooms on old wood. More flowers and better fall colors will be attained in sunnier locations.


Type: Shrubs
Height: Tall 4-5'
Spacing: Plant 4-5' apart
Bloom Time: Mid-Spring to Late Spring
Sun-Shade: Full Sun to Mostly Sunny
Zones: 5-9   Find Your Zone
Soil Condition: Normal, Acidic
Flower: White
Patent: PP32,049 'ALICE'
Pot Size: 3.5" square x 4" deep

Features to Note

  • Beneficial for Pollinators
  • Fragrant
  • Good for Hedge

Fothergilla General Information

Fothergilla are magnificent shrubs with superb flowers and wonderful foliage. Spicy, honey-scented cream flowers. Excellent when combined with Rhododendron/Azalea. Flowering is most prolific in full sun. Idaho has restricted all potted plant material from being shipped into Idaho at this time.

Fothergilla Plant Care

Best to leave unpruned. If necessary, prune to a well placed young shoot in spring. Cut branch back to 1/4" above a bud anywhere on the length of the stems. Growth will be in the direction of the top bud, so cut accordingly. Cut at a shallow angle so the stub sheds water.