Coir Pot - set of 6 pots

Plantable biodegradable pot

By popular request we are offering our coco pots for sale in a set of 6 pots. Each pot is 3 1/2" square and 4" deep. Excellent for starting any plant, including vegetables. As this pot can be planted in the ground, planting is a breeze and transplant shock is eliminated. Root growth is quick and vigorous.

Coir Pot General Information:

Offered as an unbanded (no Bluestone wrapper at top) plain coconut fiber pot. Will fit 18 to a standard flat. Your pots will ship with your plants if both are on an order. If you prefer your pots at a different time than your plants, please place a separate order and let us know your preferred ship time.

Coir Pot Plant Care:

Pot top edge will begin to fray in time (usually after a couple months), and can be cut away easily at planting time if desired.

$4.95 ea.
(3+) $4.50 ea.
Ships: Spring 2017
Plant Code: COCO