Clematis Rhapsody


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Clematis Rhapsody has creamy-yellow stamens amidst 4-5" sapphire purple flowers which intensify with age. Blooms July through September. This premium variety is at the forefront of Clematis breeding - form and coloration are truly breathtaking.

Gracefully meandering over fences, trellises or through shrubbery, Clematis supply vertical interest. Every perennial garden should have at least one of these incredible vines.


Type: Vines, Perennials
Height: Tall 8'
Spacing: Plant 4' apart
Bloom Time: Mid-Summer to Early Fall
Sun-Shade: Full Sun
Zones: 4-10   Find Your Zone
Soil Condition: Normal
Flower: Purple
Accent: Yellow
Pot Size: 3.5" square x 4" deep

Features to Note

  • Beneficial for Pollinators
  • Attracts Butterflies
  • Blooms for 4 Weeks or More

Clematis General Information

Clematis are prized for their incredible flowers, most as large as your hand. "Queen of the Climbers" will train onto trellises, fences or arch over doorways. Stunning when used alone or when several colors are mixed. Grower's tip: Truest colors require full sun, as any shade will introduce purple tones. Flower color and bloom size may vary while the plant is establishing.

Clematis Plant Care

Pruning Type 3 - This group blooms from current season's growth. This means they will bloom later as they need to grow a bit first. Prune early in spring as new leaf buds begin to show on the vines. This will tend to be low towards the ground. Remove all dead material above the awakening buds, and clean out any old spent foliage at this time. If intertwining Clematis, pruning will be easier if you select varieties with the same pruning type.