Canna Empire

Canna Lily

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Flashy Color Can't Be Missed
The flamboyant lipstick-pink flowers of Canna Empire parade flashy color from midsummer to frost. The paddle-shaped foliage is particularly impressive when backlit by the sun. *NOTE: Bulbs will need to be lifted in fall in zones 3-8.



Plant Type Bulbs


Height Medium 20-24"

Spacing Plant 18-24" apart

Bloom Time Mid-Summer to Mid-Fall

Sun / Shade Full Sun

Zones 3-10

Soil Type Normal, Acidic

Water Needs High

Sold In Bags of 1

Special Features

  • Attracts Butterflies
  • Deer Resistant
  • Attracts Hummingbirds
  • Long-Blooming
  • OK in Containers

Canna General Information

Cannas add a touch of the tropics with showy flowers and large banana-like leaves. Their statuesque height makes a spectacular show in containers on a patio or deck, along walls or also a showy backdrop in the perennial border. Where summers are hot, Cannas may grow much taller than indicated on the label. All our accent annuals are guaranteed to reach you in good condition and to grow, but we can't guarantee annuals to overwinter. Will be an annual except in zones 9-10 but can be stored over the winter in colder zones. Instructions

Canna Plant Care

Hardy in Zones 9-10. Cannas thrive in full sun but need consistently moist soil. Bulbs can be planted indoors approximately four weeks prior to the last frost. If growing in pots; use a fast-growing, well-draining potting soil and plant bulb about 3-4” deep. Harden off the plants for about a week prior to placing outdoors. Acclimate transplants to outdoor conditions to avoid scorching the foliage. If planting directly outdoors, plant rhizomes once the threat of frost and/or freezing temperatures have subsided. Soil temperature should be approximately 65°. Plant the rhizomes horizontally with the eye (bud) facing up. Water well and add mulch to retain moisture. Cannas are heavy feeders and require a monthly fertilizer that is higher in phosphate for continual bloom. Once established, they prefer consistent moisture during the growing season – do not allow soil to dry out. Watering may be reduced after flowering. Remove flowers to encourage rebloom and keep plants tidy. Lift tubers in the fall in zones 3-8. After 1st frost in fall, cut the stems to the ground and lift the clump with a spade or fork. Store in a dry, well-ventilated, cool dry location in peat or vermiculite where temps do not fall below 40°. Check rhizomes periodically and spray lightly with water to make sure they do not become so dry that root shriveling occurs. Container grown Cannas can be stored indoors in their pots during winter.

100% Guarantee

We offer a 100% guarantee for all our accent annuals and bulbs to reach you in good condition and come up. If you're not satisfied, we'll reship or refund immediately. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions or concerns—we share your passion for gardening and want your new plants to thrive in your border!

Shipping Details

We ship accent annuals and bulbs based on the best planting time for your growing zone (see the approximate dates below), unless otherwise indicated at checkout. If you wish, you can indicate a specific ship date during checkout.

Spring-Planted Accent Annuals

  • Zone 3, 4: Early to Mid May
  • Zone 5: Late April to Early May
  • Zone 6: Mid to Late April
  • Zone 7: Early to Mid April
  • Zone 8: Late March to Early April
  • Zone 9, 10: Late March

Fall-Planted Bulbs

  • Zone 2, 3, 4: Early September
  • Zone 5: Early to Mid September
  • Zone 6: Mid September
  • Zone 7: Mid to Late September
  • Zone 8, 9, 10: Late September to Early October

Holiday Bulbs

  • Early November through mid December