Amaryllis Red Pearl

Holiday Bulb

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Winter Cheer
The velvety dark red 6” single flowers of Amaryllis Red Pearl are breathtaking. Place where the decadent blossoms are backlit and lovely deeper wine-red striations become prominent. Amaryllis are taking their place alongside Poinsettias as the perfect flowers to brighten your holiday festivities.


Plant Type Holiday Bulb, Bulbs

Bloom Time 6-8 weeks after planting


Plant Height Variable 18-30"

Amaryllis General Information

Brighten winter with a burst of color indoors! Amaryllis are prized for their bold trumpet-shaped flowers and are great for gifting. Enjoy watching it progress from bulb to much anticipated glorious blooms, which appear 6-8 weeks after planting. Once you’ve grown Amaryllis, it’s hard to imagine a winter without them.

Amaryllis Plant Care

Amaryllis are easy to grow! If providing your own pot, select one with a diameter slightly larger than the bulb and 6-8" deep and use growing media of your choice for planting. If you bought our Growing Kit, place the provided soil disc in a bowl and add warm water (see instructions on disc for amount). Set this aside until the water is completely absorbed by the compressed disc, then loosen/fluff the soil. When planting, keep the top third of the bulb exposed and place it in or near a bright, warm window with indirect sunlight. Water once with lukewarm water when you first pot your Amaryllis bulb to settle the soil, then sparingly until you see the start of a bud appear, typically 6-8 weeks later. Once the leaves start to appear, increase watering to keep the soil moist (but not soggy) as it grows. As the thicker flower stalk appears, rotate your pot every few days to keep the stalk growing straight. After flowering, the spent flowers and stalk can be removed (and often a second flower stalk will appear as others fade). Amaryllis can be successfully planted outside in growing zones 8,9, and 10. To learn more, view a pdf of our complete Holiday Bulb Growing Guide.

Buying Options

We offer three buying options for Amaryllis—perfect for gifting this holiday season!
*Bulb Only: Purchase just the bulb. You supply the growing media and container—anything will work!
*Bulb + Growing Kit: Receive the bulb, growing media and decorative white ceramic pot for planting.
*Bulb + Growing Kit + Gift Wrap: Beautifully wrapped bulb + kit with a custom, handwritten card.

100% Guarantee

We offer a 100% guarantee for all our plants to reach you in good condition and to grow. If you're not satisfied, we'll reship or refund immediately. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions or concerns—we share your passion for gardening and want your plants to thrive!

Shipping Details

Holiday bulbs ship mid October through early January. We can ship your Amaryllis directly to a gift recipient along with a custom message—and you can request a specific ship time during checkout.

Shipping to multiple gift recipients? No problem! We can ship to additional addresses for an extra $5.95 per address.