Shipping Times

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We ship by at the proper time according to your zone in both spring and fall (see the approximate dates below), unless you prefer to indicate a specific ship week during checkout. If you order during the season, your plants usually ship within days.

Spring Shipping

  • Zone 3, 4: Mid May
  • Zone 5: Late April to Mid May
  • Zone 6: Mid to Late April
  • Zone 7: Late March to Mid April
  • Zone 8: Late March to Early April
  • Zone 9,10: Late March

Fall Shipping

  • Zone 2, 3, 4: Late August to Early September
  • Zone 5: Early September
  • Zone 6: Mid September
  • Zone 7: Mid to Late September
  • Zone 8, 9, 10: Late September to Early October


Bulbs will ship upon their arrival from Holland, usually late September.

Hardiness Zones

Bluestone Growing Zones