Paperwhite Ziva Kit

Holiday Bulb

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Enjoy clusters of fragrant snow-white blossoms within four to six weeks of planting. The white ceramic pot will complement your holiday decor and is perfect for growing these elegant beauties into spectacular bloom.

Kit contains 3 premium bulbs (14/15 cm), a compressed soil disc (growing medium), placed in the decorative ceramic pot, then tied up in shimmery cellophane with an organza ribbon. Once potted, place in bright light. Blooms 4-6 weeks from planting. Shipping included in the price.

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Paperwhite General Information

Blooms 4-6 weeks from the time you plant. Paperwhites with large clusters of pristine white flowers are statuesque beauties on strong stocks with blue green foliage.

Paperwhite Plant Care

This kit is easy to assemble in minutes. Soak the soil packet for a few hours in a bowl to expand the soil and pot the bulb with wide bottoms down and the top 1" of each bulb above the soil line. Plant closely together, almost touching for the most floriferous display. Add water so the soil is moist. Place the pot or bowl in a sunny or very bright location. As leaves emerge, rotate your pot every few days to keep stalks straight. When blossoms open, move to a cooler spot out of direct light to extend the life of the flowers. Keep soil slightly moist. View a pdf of our complete Holiday Bulb Growing Guide.