Amaryllis Scarlet Baby Kit

Shipping included

Prolific blooming with three to four scarlet red blooms per stalk! Delightfully charming, finely-sculpted 4" velvety blooms are bold and beautiful.

Kit contains one large 24/26 cm bulb (9.5 -10" in circumference) in an elegant sheer organza bag, compressed soil disc (growing medium), and a white ceramic pot wrapped with a shimmery organza ribbon. Blooms 6-8 weeks from planting. Shipping included in the price.

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Amaryllis General Information:

Amaryllis are popular for their 6-10" trumpet-shaped flowers. A blooming Amaryllis really brightens up a winter day. Fun to watch as it progresses from bulb to much anticipated glorious blooms.

Amaryllis Plant Care:

Quick and easy to plant. Soak the soil packet for a few hours in a bowl to expand the soil and pot the bulb so that the top third is exposed. Place it in or near a bright window that doesn't get much direct sun. As leaves emerge, rotate your pot every few days to keep stalks straight. No special care beyond watering is needed. View a pdf of our complete Holiday Bulb Growing Guide.

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