Amaryllis Pasadena Kit

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Double bi-color 10" blossoms in red and white are merry and bright. Amaryllis bring color, joy and excitement as you watch them begin to sprout, growing taller each day; then burst from plump buds into ravishing flowers.

Kit contains one large 26/28 cm bulb (10-11" in circumference) in an elegant sheer organza bag, compressed soil disc (growing medium), and a white ceramic pot wrapped with a shimmery organza ribbon. Blooms 6-8 weeks from planting. Shipping included in the price.

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Amaryllis General Information

Amaryllis are popular for their 6-10" trumpet-shaped flowers. A blooming Amaryllis really brightens up a winter day. Fun to watch as it progresses from bulb to much anticipated glorious blooms.

Amaryllis Plant Care

This kit is easy to assemble, place the soil disc in a bowl and add warm water (see instructions on disc for required measurements). Set aside until water is completely absorbed by the compressed disc. Loosen soil. Place it in or near a bright window with indirect sunlight. Water once with luke warm water when you first pot up your Amaryllis bulb, then sparingly until you see the tip of the bud appear. As leaves emerge, rotate your pot every few days to keep stalks straight. No special care beyond watering is needed. View a pdf of our complete Holiday Bulb Growing Guide.