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Digitalis purpurea Dwarf Red


Type: Perennials
Height: Medium 2' (Plant 18" apart)
Bloom Time: Early Summer to Late Summer
Sun-Shade: Mostly Sunny to Mostly Shady
Zones: 4-8   Find Your Zone
Soil Condition: Normal, Acidic
Flower / Accent: Purple / Red
Pot Size: 3.5" square x 4" deep
A great Foxglove for the middle of the border and spectacular for a smaller garden. Reaching a shorter 2' than their cousins. Dwarf Red has full stalks of purplish-red blooms with spotted throated spires in summer. Biennal.

Features to Note:

  • Deer Resistant
  • Good for Cut Flowers
  • Attracts Hummingbirds
  • Rabbit Resistant
  • Web Exclusive
  • Attracts Birds

Digitalis General Information:

Digitalis are a classic of the cottage garden. Foxgloves wave their spikes in the breeze without staking. Ranging in color from creamy yellow, thru the pinks and roses to maroon. The tall flower spikes with charming tubular flowers add both height and vertical accent to your garden.

Digitalis Plant Care:

Prefers acidic moist soil with good winter drainage. Damaged foliage can be cut back to basal rosettes for a flush of new growth. Can be divided in spring or fall every 3-5 years. Cut the flowering spike to the base as it finishes and several smaller spikes will appear, extending the bloom time. Leave new fall growth at the base of the plant to overwinter. Allow self seeding to ensure future generations. **Leaves and seeds of this plant are toxic if ingested.

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Fall 2015
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