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Clematis Pink Fantasy


Type: Shrubs,Vines,Perennials
Height: Vine 7-9' ()
Bloom Time: Early Summer to Early Fall
Sun-Shade: Full Sun to Mostly Sunny
Zones: 4-10   Find Your Zone
Soil Condition: Normal
Flower / Accent: Pink / Purple
Pot Size: 3.5" square x 4" deep

4-5" palest pink flowers with a deeper pink bar blushing each petal. Pink Fantasy has anthers that are attractive dark purple. Blooms late June to September - good repeater. This premium variety is at the forefront of Clematis breeding - form and coloration are truly breathtaking.

Gracefully meandering over fences, trellises or through shrubbery, Clematis supply vertical interest. Every perennial garden should have at least one of these incredible vines.

Features to Note:

  • Attracts Butterflies
  • Blooms for 4 Weeks or More
  • For a Sunny Spot

Clematis General Information:

Clematis are prized for their incredible flowers, most as large as your hand. "Queen of the Climbers" will train onto trellises, fences, or arch over doorways. Stunning when used alone or when several colors are mixed. Grower's tip: Truest colors require full sun, as any shade will introduce purple tones. Flower color and bloom size may vary while the plant is establishing.

Clematis Plant Care:

Pruning Type 3 - This group blooms later and from new growth. These should be pruned in February or March as new leaf buds begin to show low on the plant. Also remove all dead material above the buds and clean out any old or mildewed foliage at this time.

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Spring 2015
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